How many times have you stood in your shower wishing for better hot water pressure? Have you ever wanted to heat your home with the flick of a button? Whether it is gas hot water, gas cooking or gas heating we cover all areas of gas installation, maintenance and repairs. As certifying gas fitters we have the necessary expertise to service and install your gas appliances. Simon can give you expert advice on what option would be right for your home or business. 


Gas Hot Water Systems

Why go Gas? Better pressure, more space, no more cold showers, only pay for what you use. Gas hot water conversions are our speciality. We have an extremely competitive offer via on our Trade Me site (insert). A gas hot water installation does not require a building consent as Gasfitters are self-certifying. Revolution Plumbing and Gas can often have your gas hot water installation completed in one day!


Gas Cooking

Gas stoves and hobs are becoming increasingly popular for cooking because they offer instant required heat that is easily adjustable, energy efficient and offers a more even heat distribution. Even if you currently do not have gas at your home or business it may not be as difficult or expensive as you think to get cooking with gas. Get in touch and we can talk you through what is involved or come and have a look to see what might work best for you.


Gas Heating & Fires

Imagine heating your home at the touch of a button. Whether you choose the ambience of a real flame gas fire, or the convenience of a gas central heating system you are choosing a more energy efficient, healthy way to heat your home or business. Revolution Plumbing and Gas are certified and experienced to install, repair and service any gas heating appliance. Call us for any of your gas heating solutions.