It's not all blocked toilets and leaking taps...

But yes, our team at Revolution Plumbing and Gas do deal with many leaking taps and blocked toilets. However, there are so many other things that plumbers and gasfitters do that we thought we could share with you a glimpse of the vast array of different services we can offer.

I guess it’s best to start with our most common jobs. We have customers ring up who have had enough of their poor hot water pressure. We go through a series of questions to find out what might be causing the issue. Depending on the problem they might opt for a new continuous flow hot water system. This has many advantages in homes of all ages. It saves money and space and means you will have endless hot water when you need it the most. One customer inadvertently saved themselves a possible disaster by going to gas. Our guy was under the floor and came across a large lake. Turns out a bath had been disconnected and was leaking for 6 years! Other days we get people ringing who have no hot water at all. We sympathise with them as this is so disruptive and a solution is required asap. We can find out if it is a plumbing fault with the cylinder or an electrical one. If it is electrical we know lots of great sparkies to help you out. Many customers like their cylinder system so we can upgrade or replace the existing unit and pipework which can often increase pressure and flow. We get many queries about weather gas is better than a cylinder or vice versa. This is an interesting debate and one we will get stuck into in another blog soon….

The team at Revolution have gas certification so we can investigate gas leaks. Leading into winter we do a lot of gas fire/heater servicing. We encourage customers to get their gas appliances serviced annually to make sure they are safe to use. We also install gas hobs which many home and professional chefs claim offers superior cooking. Recently we completed a job on a walnut farm. Under the house we were amazed to see that rats had eaten through the polybutlene pipes destroying them. The customer opted to upgrade the whole house to copper pipework. That’ll stop the rats!

Back to blockages. We do deal with many types of blockages. It could be a blocked toilet, undersink garbage waste disposal, kitchen sink or drain. It is astounding to see what people put down their drains…

We take enquiries about investigating leaking guttering, repairs for roof and window flashings, replacing downpipes and burst water mains. One of our team is a certified drainlayer so we can help you out with minor drain alterations or repairs. 

Our team work with both residential and commercial plumbing and gas. We can install bidets, repair water troughs on farms, plumb up footbaths in nail salons as well as install or repair hair washing sinks at hairdressers. We have experience installing specialist dentistry basins, filters and sensor taps and bringing water supply to the dreaded dentist chair! Our team has worked in many Christchurch restaurants sorting out temperature control issues, kitchen basins, dishwashers, glasswashers and other appliances. We can also sort out your greasetrap issues or install a new one if you need it.

Being gasfitters we love all things gas. And we especially love gas fires and heaters. We can come to your home or business and see what might work for you. Gas fires come in all shapes and sizes, can be inbuilt or freestanding, indoor or outdoor. They provide instant heat and ambience, create no mess, are easy to control and stylish! Other gas appliances we can look after for you are your beloved gas bbq, outdoor gas heaters, gas kitchen hobs and outdoor lights. 

So that’s a wee glimpse into the range of jobs that our dedicated team at Revolution deal with. Please get in touch if we can be of service to you.

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